Wine Chiller

Make: Bar-B-IQUE
Model: G39

Mini Infra red food warme

Make: Berjaya (Malaysia)
Model: MIR-11
Dimensions: 615x335x420mm

Juice Extractor with pulp container

Make: Berjaya (Malaysia)
Model: I/BSP-JE120C
Dimensions: 430x350x450mm
Weight: 35 kg

Stainlesss steel gas 2 burner kebab machine

Make: Berjaya (Malaysia)
Model: KM-2
Dimensions: 480x675x780mm
Weight: 29 Kg

Ichiban ( rice coker/ warmer)

Make: ICHBAN (China)
Model: RC-5400

Electric rice warmer

Make: China
Model: ERC-35WM

Ketchup dispenser with 2 pumps

Make: China

Assembled 3 tier dinning cart

Make : Cosbao (China)
Model: BN-T23
Dimensions: 580x488x409mm
Weight: 12 Kg

Gas convection pasta cooker

Make: Cosbao (China)
Model: BN-HXR-4
Dimensions: 550x740x740mm
Weight: 26 Kg

Electrical Bain Marie with lower shelf

Make: Electrolux
Model: JYBW-180

Star table top single electric griddle

Make: Star
Model: 515TGA
Dimensions: 24 x 27.9 x15.5 inches
Weight: 25 kg

Hot food display

Make: Berjaya ( Malaysia )
Model: HFD24
Dimensions: 1355x615x765mm

Stainless steel gas griddle half ribbed

Make: Berjaya ( Malaysia )
Model: GG-2B12R
Dimensions: 700x720x400 mm

Gas 2 tank fryer with 2 basket

Make: Cosbao ( China )
Model: BN-12LG-2
Dimensions: 580x488x409mm

Conveyor toaster

Make: Berjaya ( Malaysia )
Model: TT-300
Dimensions: 416x368x387mm
Weight: 18 Kg

Gas rice cooker

Make: Berjaya ( Malaysia )
Model: GRC 60
Dimensions: 550x 450mm
Weight: 13.9 kg

Gas kebab machine

Make: Cosbao ( China )
Model: BN-RAQ1
Weight: 29 kg
Dimensions: 520x635x770mm

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