Laundry Detergent & Spot Removing Chemical


TurboForce is specifically designed with tough industrial soils in mind. Thanks to its patent pending formula, it has the strength you expect in an industrial detergent. TurboForce has also been formulated with ingredients that meet Ecolab’s environmentally friendly promise. It’s a powerful detergent with the sustainability you want for a cleaner, healthier community.

TurboCharge II NP

Ultraconcentrated, TurboCharge II NP, is an alkaline builder that improves the performance and cost-efficiencies of any detergent system by adjusting pH so soils are more easily dispersed and removed from fabric. It's compatible with all liquid detergent systems and works at a broad range of temperatures to clean and brighten whites and colors while inhibiting scale formation.


TurboFresh liquid fabric softener imparts luxurious fluffiness, smoothness and softness to cotton and cotton/poly fabric blends. Highly concentrated to maximize performance and minimize overall costs, TurboFresh also reduces wrinkling and static cling to make ironing and folding easier and faster. Phosphate free for minimal environmental impact.


TurboLizer liquid laundry sour provides high neutralizing capacity, treats fabrics gently and adjusts pH of garments to minimize potential skin irritation. It improves productivity for high speed finishing and is automatically injected for safe, hands-off operation. Ultraconcentrated formula provides optimum performance and economical use with minimized environmental impact.


TurboBrite is a stabilizedhypocholorite-based bleach that works with liquid injection systems to remove any oxidizable soil for whiter, brighter results. Ultraconcentrated for cost efficiency with low viscosity and a free-rinsing formula, TurboBrite can easily be incorporated into a single operation or combination of operations to minimize time and maximize stain removal.


TurboCrisp starch provides a combination of tailorable stiffness and a soft hand for a variety of textiles used in industrial application. Ideal for use on garments for a fresh, crisp, look with soft comfort for all-day wearability.

TurboFlex D-AE

TurboFlex D-AE detergent provides outstanding cleaning results and may be safely used on most commonly used industrial linen fabrics. Concentrated to maximize operational efficiency and cost savings, it works with an alkali like TurboCharge II NP in the primary washing cycles. Non-NPE to help minimize environmental impact.

Royal Performance Detergent

Royal Performance Detergent is a sustainable detergent specially formulated for today's tough food and beverage stains. Highly efficient, it cleans and removes food service oils and protein stains from polyester, cotton, spun polyester and blends using less solvent, in a wide range of temperatures and without the use of phosphates or NPEs.

Royal Crisp

Royal Crisp Commercial Linen Starch provides a tailorable spectrum of starching on cotton and polyester with single-product convenience. It applies quickly, even in tunnel washers, and creates required structure while maintaining a soft hand. Royal Crisp also helps reduce process issues and highlighting, even at high loadings, and won't build up on equipment.

E-Max Alkali

E-Max Alkali is a high alkaline solution that works in conjunction with a detergent to create an emulsion that suspends oily and solid particles for more effectively removal of dirt and stains in fabrics and linens used in the Food, Beverage/Hospitality markets.

Injection Sour

Providing clean, bright and disinfected linens is just part of what is required for laundries serving the Food, Beverage/Hospitality industry. Injection Sour is a finishing treatment that neutralizes any residual alkali to ensure linen will not irritate sensitive skin.

Clearly Soft

Clearly Soft Liquid Fabric Softener gives towels, bedding, bathrobes and other fabrics a luxurious softness and a fresh, clean springtime scent that delivers the restful, upscale experience today's hospitality guests expect. Flexible dosing provides the opportunity to tailor the level of softness and fragrance as desired by customers and end users.

AdvaCare Disinfectant

Contaminated textiles are one of the critical risk factors in the spread of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs). AdvaCare Disinfectant is an EPA-registered disinfectant that kills 99.999% of common pathogens during the laundering process.

AdvaCare Builder

AdvaCare Builder is a phosphate-free builder that boosts detergent performance for whiter whites and brighter colors in wash temperatures as low as 120° for maximum energy savings. It effectively controls water hardness, inhibits scale formation, improves soil removal and suspension to effectively remove stains typically found in healthcare operations.

AdvaCare Detergent

AdvaCare Detergent is an ultraconcentrated detergent that lifts tough soils from cotton, polyester and polyester blends for whiter whites, brighter colors and bigger savings. Fast acting and safe for all types of colors and fabrics, it contains nonionic surfactants and high active enzymes that chemically break apart protein and other tough soils for easy soil removal at energy-saving temperatures as low as 120°F.